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Newbie Needs Help

Post by Ricjori » 14 Feb 2019, 15:03

Hello Everyone

I am a miniature modeler and I am seriously thinking of buying one 3D printer. I need something that can handle printing small detailed pieces with smooth surfaces and na overall detailed final product.

A friend talked with me about the 3D HelloBEEprusa.

1. Is it the machine I need in what concerns the amount of detail I need in my hobby?
2. Can it handle stl files?
3. Do i need any kind of extra software to work with it?
4. Is it compatible with MacOs or just Windows?

Sorry for the "questions bombardment" but I really don't know who to ask these questions.

Thank you a lot

Ricardo - Portugal

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Re: Newbie Needs Help

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 14 Feb 2019, 15:52

Hello Ricardo,

No problem in asking, we are here to help :)

1) For small details and a smooth finish the B2X300 would be better suited for you as it has several print quality improvements compared to the helloBEEprusa, such as Trinamic stepper drivers with much higher better motion control and is much easier to use. If you need examples please contact and we will gladly print a small figurine of your choice so you can see the details possible on the machine :).
2) The printer does not handle STL directly like most 3d printers, only gcode files, you need to run the STL by a slicer on the PC to convert it.
3) Yes you need to use a slicer software, Slic3r prusa edition for the helloBEEprusa, Cura for the B2X300 (the preconfigured profiles for both printers are provided so no tweaking needed), it is as easy as dropping the STL onto the slicer, selecting the desired layerheight and material and saving the gcode.
4) Both slicers mention are compatible with either Windows, Linux or MacOS.

Best regards
Domingos Rodrigues

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