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by pedrodantas
27 Jan 2017, 19:34
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Topic: Printing Holes Turn out Undersize
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Re: Printing Holes Turn out Undersize


Take a look to the page ... ic-shrinks , it have some tips to get better prints.


Pedro Dantas
by pedrodantas
11 Apr 2016, 10:06
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [COMMUNITY] Print quality test
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Re: Print quality test

Hi Kcad3d, I've the same problem, and for now is solved (better say minimized :) ) with this change. Please note that my beeprusa is from the first ones, so dont have any Bee upgrades in the Z axis. I posted the files in http://www.thingiverse...
by pedrodantas
17 Jan 2016, 12:08
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: [COMMUNITY] yellow part blocking incoming filament
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Re: yellow part blocking incoming filament

Hi, My experience with this situation was at long ago. Tightening and loosening the adjusting screw of the bearing untill roll when the filament passes. Regarding the filament guide, I develop a new one, and you can find it in Hope it helps. Regards, Pedro D...
by pedrodantas
02 Dec 2015, 02:42
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Topic: [COMMUNITY] Prints from our HBP's
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Re: Prints from our HBP's

Tricopter v4 ( my first 3d printed)
Status:work in progress