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by jpers
08 Jan 2020, 03:50
Topic: B2X300 EC51 Error all steppers
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B2X300 EC51 Error all steppers

I recently purchased the B2X300 and just finished putting it together. I was able to power up and update the firmware. I ran the self diagnostic test and the hot ends, bed heater and the blower all function properly. However, when I run the test on the steppers it fails for an EC51 error and all ste...
by jpers
07 Jan 2020, 03:59
Topic: B2X300 First Self Test
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B2X300 First Self Test

I am getting an EC51 error and all steppers fail and seem to not respond at all. I would assume it is something with their power. Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting? I checked all the obvious connections.