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by srodrigues
22 Jun 2020, 18:18
Topic: Configurations for Printer at Ultimaker Cura 4.6.1
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Re: Configurations for Printer at Ultimaker Cura 4.6.1

We do not have support for Cura with BEETHEFIRST printers. It is possible to use them together, however you would have to do it by yourself or by sending a request the support team:

Thanks for your contact.
by srodrigues
22 Jun 2020, 18:14
Topic: Object doesn´t print volume
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Re: Object doesn´t print volume

It's possible that the prime line in the header of an external gcode doesn't fit the volume of BEETHEFIRST printers, even though the model fits. Can you check if your gcode header generated with Simplify3D has a prime line out of bounds?
by srodrigues
25 May 2020, 10:53
Topic: Bee the First + - Plate does not move
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Re: Bee the First + - Plate does not move

That seems to be a problem with some mechanical component. I suggest you contact the technical support at:
by srodrigues
01 May 2020, 14:51
Forum: B2X300
Topic: B2X300 Firmware Updates
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Re: B2X300 Firmware Updates

Hi emousselli, Which version of the firmware updater are you using? Is it the latest, i.e. v1.3.0? I would suggest you send us a session log of the running of the updater for B2X300. Please do the following procedure: - run the updater for B2X300 until the last step, that you can reach; - close the ...
by srodrigues
23 Apr 2020, 15:58
Topic: Suggestion
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Re: Suggestion

Hi! Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. The idea of the forum is that the users can cooperate and share their ideas. The main language of this forum is english and the second language is portuguese ( You can write in any of those two ...
by srodrigues
06 Mar 2020, 19:02
Forum: B2X300
Topic: Octoprint and remote control of b2x300
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Re: Octoprint and remote control of b2x300

You can use Octoprint + Raspberry PI. For that purpose please follow the link:
by srodrigues
06 Mar 2020, 18:59
Topic: Broken Filament in Extruder
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Re: Broken Filament in Extruder

Hi, When the filament is stuck in the printer, you can use a clip to clean the 3D printer. After toking off the cover, go to: "maintenance panel" -> "change filament now" -> select some filament such as PLA MCPP -> next -> wait for the heating process... Then use an extended clip to push the filamen...
by srodrigues
06 Mar 2020, 18:52
Topic: Flex3Drive G5
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Re: Flex3Drive G5

Hello, Yes, the Flex3Drive is compatible with the B2X300 3D printer. Note that you will need to configure the steps/mm, the speeds, etc. Moreover, that extruder has two options: Bowden vs Direct drive. With the Bowden mode you can use the autoload feature of our printers, but with the Drirect driver...
by srodrigues
27 Feb 2020, 15:18
Topic: Pva mcpp filament doesn’t seem to work on hellobeeprusa
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Re: Pva mcpp filament doesn’t seem to work on hellobeeprusa

Hello João, Thanks for your post. If you are using PVA under normal conditions, well dried, it shouldn't have any problems in getting tractioned into the hot end. You can use 210º temperature on the extruder (+/-10º), and 50º on the heated bed. These values should not be too far from what you may ne...