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by TimothyGluse
23 Feb 2019, 10:46
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: Files for Cura 2.1.1 (testing)
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Files for Cura 2 1 1 testing

How can I test a file to see if it is case hardend and not good for forging. Are there any name brand files known for using 1095 steel or suitable for forging?
by TimothyGluse
04 Feb 2019, 16:08
Topic: [INFO] Image uploads
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INFO Image uploads

I used to use photobucket , which was always clunky but I had allot of crap on it, not that they charge I need to find
a free easy way to post images , what is anyone else using ?
by TimothyGluse
04 Feb 2019, 12:34
Topic: Need 3D modeling company
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Need 3D modeling company

Hello everybody,

Could you recommend me some 3d architectural rendering design service with low prices?
by TimothyGluse
02 Feb 2019, 23:41
Topic: Hello All
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Hello All

Hello Everyone.....I m new here and exploring the forum....Hop i will get some useful information ....


by TimothyGluse
29 Jan 2019, 17:28
Forum: helloBEEprusa
Topic: Printed parts of the autocalibration add-on
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Printed parts of the autocalibration add on

Would ABS be fine for printing the parts or should I use PLA? I have a friend with a Davinci 3d printer and it will take him forever to get them done for me. He has a few rolls of ABS but no PLA. I dont mind paying but I hate having to wait even longer. Also is there any good place that I could get ...