November 30, 2015
Written by Sergio Moreira
Community Manager


Hi guys,

Now that the end of the year is approaching, we have a special offer for you.

We are trying, with Filkemp, different PLA formulas and new spool sizes. We’ll probably sell them in the near future through our website and we are now testing the market.

This can be an opportunity to print big ideas at an unbeatable price.

Bundle 1 (5 spools of filament):

Spool (x5) Usual Price New Price You Save
330 g €49,50 €45,00 €4,50
750 g €112,50 €70,00 €41,50
1 kg €150,00 €81,00 €69,00


Bundle 2 (10 spools of filament):

Spool (x10) Usual Price New price You save
330 g €99,00 €81,00 €18,00
750 g €225,00 €126,00 €99,00
1 kg €300,00 €145,00 €155,00

Please note that this is a different formula of PLA filament, and to achieve the best results with it you should 3D-print in medium resolution (200 microns).
Also note that it’s probably best to use it on larger models.

For each bundle you may choose from the following available colours (a mix if you wish):
– Black
– Yellow
– Fuchsia
– Red
– Orange
– Blue
– Silver

– Spools of 750g and 1kg are vacuum-sealed and delivered in a master pack (without an individual box);
– The current rate of VAT must be added to the prices listed above.

So, you can contact your distributor or our sales team to .

This offer is valid until we run out of stock, so you have to hurry and order now.