BEEVERYCREATIVE 3d printers now integrated into Windows 10

As a result of our partnership with Microsoft, BEEVERYCREATIVE 3D printers are now even easier to use in Windows 10.

Thanks to the 3D Builder, 3D printing integration is more streamlined than ever. All you need is to download and install BEESOFT (beta version) for Windows 10, and you will have the drivers needed.

From now on you can simply double-click on any STL file and proceed to the print option.

3D Builder environment

Default print setting is medium resolution and medium density, but you can tweak these setting as well as add raft and support. You can also add more STL files, in addition to rotating scaling, moving and other functions you might already be used to in BEESOFT.


Keep in mind you will need to use the main BEESOFT program for features such as calibration and filament changing.

If you want to try this version of BEESOFT, click here.

Happy 3D printing! 😀