BEEVERYCREATIVE news – Jan 2015 (PR)

Date: 23rd January 2015


Dear 3D Printing Community,

A new year is starting and 3D printing keeps rocking!
At BEEVERYCREATIVE a lot is happening as well, and we want to give you the most thrilling news:

BEETHEFIRST’s revised price
Several BEETHEFIRST’s reviews were fantastic, but considered its price too high. Since then, we’ve been analysing the possibility of cutting price down, but only now we can do it safely. The new recommended retail price is 1,299 EUR + VAT.

New filament policy – Freedom of choice
BEETHEFIRST’s reviewers did not appreciate our imposition to use our brand of filament. There were reasons for our previous policy: usability and printing quality. The software has pre-defined printing profiles adapted for our filament that makes the start of a print far easier and the printing quality far better. Also, the filament we sell has been tested and optimized for our printers, for customers to have better prints.
That said, we also understand that customers’ loyalty shall not become customers’ dependency. For that reason, we’ve been working to give freedom of choice to our customers. And it’s done! We still recommend the use of our BEESUPPLIES, but customers may now choose any brand of PLA available, without voiding the warranty. Should anything go wrong, a Maintenance Kit will be available and an interactive troubleshooting shall allow any issue to be solved by the customer. So check other brands, but check BEESUPPLIES as well! We will have new colours and new spool sizes soon!

Partnership for Education sector
BEEVERYCREATIVE aims to imprint change in the world and, as Nelson Mandela has said, Education is the most powerful weapon to do so.
Recognizing our insufficient preparation for the Education sector, we’ve partnered with NAUTILUS to target together this sector worldwide.
NAUTILUS is a Portuguese company awarded for its innovative educational products, who provides school equipment and technology solutions to the Education sector.
The partnership debuted in BETT 2015, where NAUTILUS is now showing the BEETHEFIRST version for schools, named BEE INTERACTIVE SCHOOL. A full marketing kit for this new model, that will also be available at all our distributors and resellers, will be released soon.
We also highlight the start of our collaboration with Philip Cotton, the teacher of design and technology from Manchester in the UK. Phillip was twice distinguished with the Educational Excellence Award by 3D Printshow and he is also the founder of the, one of the most promising 3D model galleries.

We have confirmed our presence in 3D Printshows in Madrid, Berlin, New York, London and Paris, as well as Milan show organized by 3D Print Hub.

We look forward to hearing from you!
In the meantime, we’ll keep imprinting change!

Diogo Quental CEO