BEEVERYCREATIVE at Web Summit 2017 – the Aftermath

November 28th, 2017
Written by Rita Lobo
Marketing Manager

BEEVERYCREATIVE at Web Summit 2017 – the Aftermath

BEEVERYCREATIVE attended Web Summit 2017 and the overall experience was great.

Web Summit 2017 had 60,000+ attendees, 1,200+ speakers, 2,600+ journalists from 170+ countries.

With all the experience from the 2016 edition, we made some changes to our participation model this year. First of all, we increase the number of team members attending, from 4 to 9 elements. Due to the size of the event, it is impossible to be everywhere and talk to everyone but with a bigger team, we were able to spread out and connect with previously targeted attendees. Networking is what Web Summit is all about!

With a larger team at the event, there was also a chance for more team members to attend conferences and workshops and absorb as much knowledge as possible from this experience.

Secondly, the team preparation for the event started earlier than the year before because, as we have realized, Preparation is key! Each team member knew their purpose and the goals established and this way, we increased the efficiency of the team. If you are a company debating whether to attend as an exhibitor or have your team just as attendees, we would definitely advise you to be an exhibitor, it is worth the investment because you can showcase your product and have people visit your stand. Don’t forget you only get one day with stand, so you still have 2 more days to attend conferences, workshops and a lot of networking!

Web Summit brings you the latest trends and hot topics in the tech world. The main topics of this years edition were Artificial Intelligence and all the ethical issues related to it, Virtual Reality and Self-driving cars. Most of the conferences are short and to the point, so you might need to do further research on the topics that you find interesting for more in depth knowledge.

We noticed an increasing number of big companies looking for smaller companies to work together, due to their agility and know-how. We would also like to highlight the multiculturalism and diversity of the public attending the event. It was great to see people from all over the world come together for the same purpose: Technology.

Comparing the 2016 edition to this years edition, our team fells like all the issues of the 2016 edition were significantly improved or solved this year. Security was reinforced in the entry points and also during each conference. Congratulations to the organization!

All in all, for BEEVERYCREATIVE, it was a very enriching experience, where we came across valuable contacts, investment, distribution and partnership contacts. We even got to go on stage at the opening ceremony, which feels makes you feel like you are a rockstar, standing on a stage, in front of a huge crowd cheering! It was awesome!

If you are interested in attending the event next year, here are is a sum up of what we think of the event and some advice on how to make the most of the event:

Before the event:

– Prepare the event in advance: Web Summit offers a mobile app and a web app, where you can log in and have access to the extense database with all the attendees of that edition. In the web app, you can even use filters such as job title, company, industry, city and country. All attendees can be contacted using the mobile app.

– Web Summit app: The Web Summit mobile app allows you to see the complete schedule in all different locations and select the conferences you want to attend, informing you the time and stage where they will take place. There are also workshops available with a limited number of attendees, so sign up for the ones you wish to attend. Plan ahead every day of the event this way , so you can attend as many conferences and absorb as much knowledge as you possibly can.

– What to pack: Pack comfortable shoes, you will be walking from stage to stage, location to location all day, during the all event. Bringing a powerbank to charge your phone and other devices might be a good idea.

– Accommodations: We advise you to stay as near the event location as possible, so you don’t waste time in the commute.

During the event:

– Punctuality: In 2017, 60,000+ people attended the event and still, the organization and the hard working staff fought to keep a tight schedule that ran pretty smoothly. So, you should arrive before time to secure a place.

– Lunch and bathroom breaks: Although the facilities are well equiped with a lot of foodtrucks and places to eat, between 1 pm and 2 pm, you can except long queues. If you can, chose a different time, to avoid the rush hour, the same applies to the bathrooms.

– Wi-fi and Web Summit mobile app:  The wi-fi provided was an issue because the signal was weak inside the event. Also the mobile app suffered from a huge delay, noticeable while using the chat.

– Networking, lounging spaces and after parties: Since networking is what the event is all about, you will find a lot of places where the meetings you have scheduled can take place. After the main event, you have multiple places where the networking continues into the night. They are great places to meet new people, in a informal and relaxed environment.

– Cloakroom: If you need a place to leave your bags or luggage during the event, there is a cloakroom inside the event where you can leave them for free. There might be queues for this service in the morning and at the end of the event.

After the event:

– Make sure you process and follow up on all the contacts shortly after the event and do further research on all the topics that you found interesting.


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