BEEVERYCREATIVE 3D Printing – Changes in Management

August 03, 2015
Written by Sergio Moreira
Community Manager & Head of Online Marketing

BEEVERYCREATIVE – changes in management

Dear 3D Printing community:

BEEVERYCREATIVE is in its maximum speed! 😉

After launching 5 new products few weeks ago with some display in recent 3D printing events, we are now dispatching the first helloBEEprusa and BEECONNECT to the first pre-sales clients. This is a very special and important step for us since the helloBEEprusa is a DYI 3D printer kit, our first, and is getting a lot of buzz and grip.

But the main reason we are contacting with you all today is to share with you that Diogo Quental will step down from CEO to pursue a personal project. BEEVERYCREATIVE is, as you can imagine, very grateful for all he has done for the company and for 3D Printing Technology adoption in general.

Starting tomorrow our CEO will be Aurora Baptista. She is a founder of BEEVERYCREATIVE, and has an academic background in management with different degrees in several Universities. She has more than 3o years of relevant professional experience, mainly at McKinsey, Arthur Andersen and Deloitte in which she became partner, as well as in other startup businesses. Francisco Mendes and Jorge Pinto, also founders and the minds behind BEETHEFIRST 3D printer, remain being CIO and CTO respectively.

Aurora will keep the company moving forward to our demanding, and very motivating, innovation agenda in pursuing high quality products and easy-to-use solutions in 3D printing.

We’ll try to share the new projects with you as soon as we are able to, so stay tuned!

That’s all for now! Let’s keep imprinting change together! 🙂

Download Press Release here