BEETHEFIRST+ 3D printer new feature

May 22, 2015
Written by Sérgio Moreira
Community Manager

This week is full of new things and surprises in the BEEHIVE.

As you may know, earlier this week we launched 4 new products, 3 of them are 3D printers and the other is a BEE device (see the latest blog post by Diogo Quental, our CEO, here).

Ever since, we have been getting plenty of attention on Social Media… Our Customer Service is receiving a lot of “I want to know more” emails… the London 3D Printshow is doing well also… 3D Printers BEEME, BEEINSCHOOL, helloBEEprusa and BEETHEFIRST+ have joined the hive. 🙂

But let’s move on, this blog post is about one special feature we will offer BEETHEFIRST+. In the press release from two days ago, already mentioned above, you can read about the “+” model: “Besides all the differentiators of the previous BEE and some internal hardware improvements, the “+” has a more powerful extruder that virtually accepts all heated-bed-free types of filament available on the market.”

Despite all that, if you want have a BEETHEFIRST+ 3D printer in the future, after the pre-sales period is open, you can opt for a cool feature: autonomy!

The autonomy feature is a battery pack that will enable you to keep your BEETHEFIRST+ printing for 5-10 minutes without it being plugged in. Ok this seems nice, but why do I need this?

Let’s imagine this. You’re a designer, and your company has an order to print a model for the following day. You set up your brand new BEETHEFIRST+ in just a few minutes, and click print… BEESOFT tells you then that your print will take about 15 hours. You start worrying because your previous 3D printer stopped working due to a power outage and you’ve lost more than just lots of filament. You’ve lost time and probably the customer too. Well, with this feature this will never happen. BEETHEFIRST+ will continue 3D printing until the power is restored. 🙂

Or picture this scenario… you have your 3D printer at home in your man-cave… Your wife, because the printer looks nice and makes almost no noise, wants you to move it to the living room. Problem: You are in the middle of a multiple-hour print. What would you do? Wait until tomorrow and tell your wife that? Or simply unplug the printer and take it to the living room? 😉

Fabballoo wrote an article about this feature. They were at our booth at the London 3D Printshow and saw this for themselves.

Check the video they made below. We hope you like it as much as we do. 🙂

P.S. – We will also offer this feature with BEE IN SHCOOL 3D printer.