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Did you know that BEEVERYCREATIVE printers that
run on BEESOFT are now compatible with Win 10 and
Microsoft’s 3D Builder?

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BEESOFT is the multi-platform 3D printing software that works with most of BEEVERYCREATIVE’s 3D printers. You will be hard-pressed to find software that’s easier to use than this.

BEESOFT 3.15.1 – This is the latest stable version (June, 2017) show more


New Nozzle diameters supported;

New materials supported;

Nozzle change maintenance wizard;

Improved graphic performance in lower spec computers;

Improved battery charge management in BEETHEFIRST+A and BEEINSCHOOL A printers.

Bug fixes

Higher immunity to AC noise in BEETHEFIRST+ and BEEINSCHOOL printers;

Resolved bug that prevented correct resume from power failure;

Resolved bug on the Load/unload tasks.



Click on the IMPORT button and choose the stl file you wish to print.


All you have to do is pick resolution and density. You can use raft and/or support if you need to.


Click “print” and your BEEVERYCREATIVE printer will do the rest.


If you want, you can tweak your 3D model using some simple operations.


You can move a 3D model to wherever you must within the work area.


Choose the size of your model. Choose new dimensions in whatever way you need.

Rotate in 3D

Rotate to any angle, along any axis.


Flip any 3D model in the work area along an axis of your choice.



Quick and easy semi-automatic 3-point calibration with software support.


Unlike most other 3D printers, BEESOFT has already predefined optimal temperatures and other printing variables for all BEEVERYCREATIVE colours and filaments.


GCode – You can import and print GCode from other 3D printing Software such as Simplify3D and others. You can also generate and export your own GCode in BEESOFT. 6 simple steps to export GCode from Cura to use on BEETHEFIRST 3D printer series here.

Multilevel Support

Multilevel Support – Direct/ Brand Support from BEEVERYCREATIVE and community support from our forum here.


Adapted from other open-source projects, such as ReplicatorG and Cura Engine. BEESOFT sources here.

Ease of Use

A couple of clicks and you are printing.


Pause a print whenever you want to change colour or shutdown your printer to resume in a later time.

Emergency Resume

If printing is interrupted by power failure, it will be able to resume the print from the exact point it stopped, once power is restored. Feature available only on BEETHEFIRST+ and BEEINSCHOOL 3D printers.

Print Quality

Choose from 4 resolution settings - 300 to 50 microns – and density – 0 to 100%. BEESOFT will generate Raft and Support if needed.