BEESOFT has some cool new features – check them out here!

March 10, 2016
Written by Rita Lobo
Marketing Team


Have you heard? BEESOFT has some cool new features that will allow you to have even more fun with 3D printing!

BEESOFT is a simple and quick program that gives our users a trouble-free, click & print experience. This 3D printing software works with most BEEVERYCREATIVE 3D printers. It’s open-source, adapted from other open-source projects, such as ReplicatorG and Cura Engine.

It is also FREE and constantly updated, you can download it now here!

1. One extruder, one colour, right? NO!

BEESOFT’s new PAUSE feature allows you to pause your print, change to a different colour filament and continue printing the same object in a different colour. Change it as many times as you want and the result can be a masterpiece:

colorful skull - 3d printing
This model was created by Adrian Kennard

2. Switch off, leave, come back, resume print!

Shutdown Option – This feature allows you to switch your 3D printer off and resume your print whenever you want to.


3. Is there a thunderstorm outside?
You accidentally tripped on the cable and disconnected your 3D printer?

No worries!

Emergency Resume – Your printer will resume the print job from the moment it lost power, even after a week!


Feature available only on BEETHEFIRST+ and BEEINSCHOOL.

Now your 3D printing will be even happier! 🙂