BEESOFT 3.10.3 release – 3D printing

May 28, 2015
Written by Sergio Moreira
Community Manager

BEESOFT 3.10.3 release – BEE 3D printer’s open-source software

Our last software release was last December. Until then we were launching, at least, one BEESOFT release per month. This time we wanted to wait a little bit longer before launching a new one, to gather some info from clients, distributors and internal users. And now we are ready to launch an improved and more stable version of BEESOFT 3D printing software.

With our new products launched a few days ago, I take this opportunity to clarify a few things, our future versions of BEESOFT will work with the following 3D printer models:

On helloBEEprusa 3D printer, the user can choose the software he is used to, or the one he thinks is best to work with this 3D printer.

Our software development team is working very hard to fulfill the expectations and the requirements of the 3D printing market and our community. They are great guys doing a great job! 😉

For me, a non-specialized user, but still a BEETHEFIRST user, the main improvements are:
– Wizard to help with the nozzle cleaning;
– Wizard to help with the nozzle replacement;
– Improved usability, e.g., the previous software’s build plate was called “scene” and now we changed it to “work area”. We received a lot of inputs about changing the previous name. 😉
– Improved usability, e.g., it’s easier to import models into the work area. Now we have three different ways of doing it: directly on the  “Import Model” button, On the Main Menu -> file -> Import model, or even using keyboard combination “Crtl+I”;
– you can now import more models to the work area without overlapping them.
And… BEESOFT now comes with 3DBenchy. 😀
This release has more important improvements, to see all of them and to download latest BEESOFT version, click here.