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BEEPOINT is a new concept, that allows 3D printing to reach everyone.

At a BEEPOINT, you can print any model that you’ve made yourself, or a model you want to print retrieved from an online 3D model library.

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How it works:

1. Customer delivers a model (.stl file) on a USB flash drive and selects the colour(s)

2. BEEPOINT validates the .stl file and schedules the printing

3. Customer picks up the printed model according to what was scheduled

You can print an entire model in a single colour, or if you wish, you can make use of BEETHEFIRST’s Pause function, and print a model in multiple colours!

Are you a retailer?

Do you want to have 3D printing service in your store?

BEEPOINT is the right solution for your business. With this service, you can have a BEETHEFIRST in your store, ready to print whatever 3D model your customers want. Don’t miss this business opportunity with special conditions.