BEEME 3D printer for Fablabs, Business Incubators and all their members

May 28, 2015
Written by Sérgio Moreira
Community Manager

BEEME 3D printer – special offer for Fablabs, Business Incubators and all their members

Here at BEEVERYCREATIVE, we have some exciting news for you! Last week we added a new 3D printer to our portfolio, BEEME, and we have special conditions for Business Incubators, Fablabs and its members.

BEEME is the Makers’ Edition of the award winning BEETHEFIRST , with a new more powerful extruder that accepts virtually all heated-bed-free types of filament available on the market and some internal hardware improvements. We have also changed the cover with one easier to open and in a more workshop-friendly environment.
BEE ME is a robust, tough, reliable 3D Printer and ready for heavy duty.

We want to encourage the active Maker Community to adopt the BEE ME 3D printer and for that purpose we are offering Fablabs a €50 credit for every Fablab member that purchases this 3D Printer. This credit can be used to buy BEESUPPLIES or even BEE printers later. 😉

The Fablab members who purchase BEE ME will get a BEECONNECT for free (the standard base-price is €149). This device allows the user to generate their own gcode from most slicing software. It also allows to fully operate the BEE Printers without needing a computer.

Pre-sales will start on 1st June and will end on the 30th June. Users may benefit from a substantially reduced price and earn a 1 month full subscription of 3DShook, a fully-curated collection of 3D models. Instead of browsing online galleries for models you’re not sure will work, the 3D-printable files on 3DShook have been carefully selected for their quality and made by people who know their trade.

Regular RRP – €1,449
PRE-SALES €1,299 + 1 Month free subscription of 3D Shook

So, Business Incubators and Fablabs and all their members can contact us now and start imprinting change together!

You can always check on our helloBEEprusa 3D printer also 😉

Don’t be left behind. Get a BEEME 3D printer now! Contact us to: