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Our Goal
Is very simple
and direct

We want to imprint change through 3D printing. We believe that 3D printing will change the paradigm of mass-production, bringing it closer to the individual consumer, in such a way as to take us into a more leisure-oriented society. We consider personal creative expression to be a way to the future, unlike any economic theory that, during the last few years, has left us with no space for breathing creativity and inspiring innovation in other types and forms.

we are determined
to be at the cutting
edge of the 3d printing

We are determined to be at the cutting edge of the 3D desktop printing business and move this ever-evolving and powerful technology forward. We're committed to developing, delivering and generating friendly solutions with innovative approaches and exceptional design and quality. At the very core of our values is a deep preoccupation with sustainability. 3D printing isn't a conventional way of going about things, but one that will allow great improvement and progress on a global scale.

we believe success
can't be reached
without a relationship

Our company believes that success is a goal that cannot be reached without nurturing close relationships. It's for that very reason that our focus is concentrated on people in first place - our customers, partners and collaborators are this project's real heroes, as it's their personality that brings what we do to life and is clearly imprinted on all we do.

we are committed
to challenge the status
quo of 3d printing

We could never leave out the huge contribution the surrounding community has made and how they help us work intensely, and how that makes this project possible. It's a privilege to work in a small region such as Gafanha d'Aquém, where people, nature and wildlife all come together, providing the best atmosphere we could ask for. The locals of Gafanha d'Aquém have contributed much to our project and we can only do our best to at least give back as much as they have given us. Our products are committed to challenge the status quo of 3D printing as we know it. Join us and help take 3D printing to the next level.