3D printing Awards and Achievements

Apr 15 2015
Written by Sergio Moreira
Community Manager – BEEVERYCREATIVE

BEE CURIOUS 😉 – 3D printing Awards and Achievements

From the very beginning, our 3D printer has garnered attention for its looks, the quality of the output, its usability and its portability, but did you know that the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer was awarded 5 trophies in just over a year?

– Tech Product of The Year in Portugal – Nov 2013;
– Best Consumer Printer by 3D Printshow – Sep 2014;
– Best Prosumer Printer by 3D Printshow – Sep 2014 ;
– Rookie of The Year 2014 by Makemagazine – Nov 2014;
– Best Plug’N’Play 2015 by 3D Hubs Nov – 2014.

And BEEVERYCREATIVE also was honoured with a few other things 😉
– Innovation Award – Litoral Magazine, City of Aveiro, Portugal – Nov 2014
– Achievement Award – City of Ilhavo, Portugal – Apr 2015

We must not forget that this was possible only because everyone is really important to us and really matter. Our business partners, suppliers, BEEstaff and, of course, our clients… even the most challenging ones, we love you all and it’s because of you that we wake up every day with the right energy and motivation to do more, to do better, to keep imprinting change! 🙂