replacing printer recommendation

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replacing printer recommendation

Post by Williamhawk » 01 Nov 2017, 06:14

Hello there,

I have a leapfrog creatr dual and looking to replace it. What I dislike the most on this printer is that the head moves both in the X and Y axes, and that combined with the design of the head, and its weight (dual extruders, motors, fans...) causes a lot of vibration when the head moves simultaneously along both axes. So bad that it literally bounces, which is highly visible on the print. The only cure is to slow it down significantly.
If I print an object with surfaces parallel to the axes, the print comes out very neat and smooth (because the head moves along a single axe at a time.
So I've noticed these open source 'reprap' printers, where the head moves along X/Z and the bed along Y; seems like a very clever way to alleviate the type of issue I mentioned.
Two questions:
1. would you agree that the reprap design has that advantage?
2. Are the inexpensive kits from eBay by vendors like anet or geetech any good?


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Re: replacing printer recommendation

Post by MrDoom » 02 Nov 2017, 10:23


Theoretically a system on which the head moves on y and x should be more stable and faster as moving only the printing head has much less inertia that moving a printbed. With that said it depends a lot on the implementation of the mechanics and the rigidity of the frame.

A good reprap design with a good frame, any made of steel/aluminum should be fine, will have a good printing quality on speeds up to 70 mm/s.

I have no experience with ebay kits, as I only have used personally for enough time to evaluate the helloBEEprusa and the Beethefirst printer and both perform quite well, especially the Beethefirst that is extremely plug and play, pretty much no configuration needed to use.
I would suspect that a printer like the Anet with a acrylic frame will suffer from lots of vibrations and such

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