[TIP] The filament broke just after the gear

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[TIP] The filament broke just after the gear

Post by lababerto » 15 Jun 2016, 16:21

Last week we had to update java because the computer didn't connect with the BEETHEFIRSTt. After that solved, the printer printed ok but during the next one it stopped extruding.

After several attempts, we found that the filament, because of humidity (we think), was crumbly, so it broke just after the gear above the extruder.

Before using a filament check if it is crumbly by just touching it.



Re: Extruder stuck

Post by Filipe » 15 Jun 2016, 18:46

Is it still stuck?

It seems you found and fixed the issue yourself. Did I understood correctly?

Filament needs to be properly stored. Some gets too much humidity and others loose it, making them very fragile.
It happened to me once.

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Re: Extruder stuck

Post by Andre_A » 26 Jun 2016, 18:49

I closed this topic and i changed it to "TIP".
Some times we wait a little to see if the tips worked and fix the problem, or to see if is any more interaction, but lababerto, feel free to open a new topic with more tips that you find useful.
Thanks for the tips ;)
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