[COMMUNITY] What type of filaments do you use?

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Re: What type of filaments do you use?

Post by DNeves » 14 Oct 2015, 14:07

fgarcia wrote:Hi guys,

Sorry my newbie question :D

Where is the definition:
"Accel: 500"
in Cura
Hello fgarcia,

Well, as far as I understand, accel stands for acceleration, but I didn't have the opportunity to search for the parameter in Cura. If I'm able to find it I'll post a screenshot here, but this was a parameter totally internal in the firmware, so let Marlin take care of it. I guess you can only change this value if you directly override the .gcode. These are my 50 cents about this question :) Bear in mind that the acceleration time that we are talking about is relatively short. For a printing speed of 100mm/s it takes 0,5 second to achieve the top speed.

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Re: What type of filaments do you use?

Post by Tizz » 07 Nov 2015, 05:54

Just sharing my settings.

This is what I've used so far that has worked for me.

Taulmans 910 Nylon Filament.
Layer height: 0.1mm
Printing temperature: 255ºC
Bed temperature: 70ºC
Print speed: 30mm/s
Retraction speed: 45mm/s
Retraction distance: 4.5mm
Turn off Fans.

Print direct on glass bed with a thin coat of PVA glue.
* Ensure no draft in room, if room is cool chances of warping are high.

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