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PLA Filament

Posted: 10 May 2018, 22:35
by zabumba

I experimented some problems in printing with some colours of PLA. I had lots of difficult to print with Traffic Black and Pure Gold. I'm using 195 ºC and a bed temperature of 40 ºC. With other colours, with the same especifications, I dont have any problem. I'm using the filter with oil (WD40) too.

Any advice?

Re: PLA Filament

Posted: 12 May 2018, 11:41
by tgala
Hi @zabumba,
That's odd, BEEVERYCREATIVE branded filaments are usually very similar and there isn't much difference between colors.
Usually the recomended filament lubricant is Canola Oil, I don't what happens when you use WD40 type of oil.

@MrDoom, can you chime in?

Re: PLA Filament

Posted: 14 May 2018, 10:57
by MrDoom
Hello zabumba,

Can you give some more information like for example, what printer are you using?
Also what problem are you having? is the filament grinding on the extruder gear? is the extruder skipping steps?

Re: PLA Filament

Posted: 18 May 2018, 11:41
by nikodemusz

I'm using the HelloBeePrusa since Oct 17 now. I had nearly no problems with ABS or HIPS, but the same issues like you explain. At some part of the print the filament stuck and was no more transported. I did many tests with cleaning the nozzle and the other parts around it. Sometimes it helpedm but with most of the cheaper filaments it didn't. Had good luck with most filaments over 20€/kg, but that couldn't be the real solution.

Now I did a major change on the extruders. I changed from fixed adjustment by using the included screw to a variable spring adjustment.

I used these parts from Amazon:
Left hand ... UTF8&psc=1 without the pinion (used the original on the stepper motor)
Right hand ... UTF8&psc=1 (same config) ... UTF8&psc=1

I made the throats fixable by adding holes and 3mm thread into the baseplate to screw a 3mm headless screw into it.

The Marlin firmware needs to be reconfigured by changing the direction of the extruders. Also the nozzle possition needs to be adapted (not yet done).

The result is, that two of the last PLA filaments not working are having very good results now.

If you have any questions regarding the modification, please leave me a question...

Re: PLA Filament

Posted: 15 Jun 2018, 13:03
by zabumba
My printer it's a HelloBeePrusa.

I found this issue in gold color for example.

Re: PLA Filament

Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 15:43
by MrDoom
I would suggest trying a slightly lower temperature like 185ºC I noticed that those two filament you mentioned are slightly more fluid than others so that should help.

But not knowing what you exact issue is there isn't that much help I can give.

Just in case make sure you make the recommended build fixes for the helloBEEprusa, those helped me quite a lot :) download/file.php?id=62