Power Outage function (never ending unload filament cycle)

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Power Outage function (never ending unload filament cycle)

Post by HansMeiser » 05 Jul 2020, 19:16

Hello Team

Today I was working next to the printer when the B2X300 “discovered” a power outage even when there was none.
I tried the recover feature, first the printer waits for the nozzle to cool down even if the nozzle already has the right temperature.
But even worse, after the temperature cool down and head up again it wanted to change the filament in a continuous loop (unload filament, insert filament manually, load filament and then back to unload).
It never successfully recovered the print, I had to hit the reset button leave this never ending circle.
I’v the latest version of the firmware installed.
Any ideas what is going on?

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