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Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 31 May 2019, 11:43
by DomingosRodrigues
Hello wayne.kinne,

Yes that gcode is correctly configured, the fact that it isn't probing is really weird. If you can please verify all you motherboard cabling is correctly connected, with special attention to the part connected to the autocalibration servomotor and its endstop.
Then ensure you have the USB cable disabled and record a video of what happens when running that gcode, also film on a separae file what happens when you use the lcd screen to use the option "Machine settings" > "Level bed".

The first phase heats up the bed to temp and the hotend at 160ÂșC to avoid dripping plastic on the glass during the probing procedure, it will heat up to temperature and purge once the probing is completed. Please try the gcode as it comes out of cura before trying to change in order to make the debugging of what is happening easier.

Reflashing the machine isn't necessary if you already have the latest firmware, you can check that on the "About" screen, there should be a line saying "05/2019-master-6926a11".

Best regards
Domingos Rodrigues

Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 31 May 2019, 17:24
by wayne.kinne
I wont level, it did before the overheat thing.

uploaded a video to same:

It did work at first, it printed half a part before the overtemp failure. It checked bed level before starting the print and everything. And it was printing a very nice looking part.

Running self test to see what happens.

Got this during self test, whats it mean?:

E1 Stepper driver :NOK

Error code: EC51

checking manual: E1 is my 2nd extruder? Wiring looks good and it was running yesterday sometimes even though it shouldn't have. It has no filament in it and never has. I do not think is the total problem, as I was not getting this error yesterday when running a selftest.

Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 03 Jun 2019, 10:16
by DomingosRodrigues
Hello wayne.kinne,

As for the temperture error ensure your thermistor cables are correctly plugged to the board and that the bed's connector is well placed onto the bed PCB, if it has an intermittent connection it will throw a thermal runaway error to avoid the printer from overheating due to incorrect temperature measurement.

The EC51 error means the printer cannot communicate with the stepper drivers for that axis, it can happen due to a bad connection on the wires between the trinamic communication board and the board as shown on page 59 of the assembly manual available here: ... 190513.pdf
Reseat every connector and ensure they are securely seated in place, that should solve the EC51 error.

I've seen the video and that behavior is not normal, please contact so we can schedule a teamviewer session to debug the printer and find out what is happening.

Best regards
Domingos Rodrigues

Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 03 Jun 2019, 12:41
by wayne.kinne
Thank you.

I re-seated every plug and still getting the error. Checked all the wiring, everything looks good. Contacting Customer Support.

Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 12 Jul 2019, 15:52
by wayne.kinne
Posting an update:

A warning to anyone buying this printer, LOCKTIGHT everything!!! I have six 3D printers and I haven't ever seen anything like this, every nut and bolt comes loose if not locktighted.

Also if any part is defective and you live in the USA be prepared for a long wait on replacement parts.

BUT: Now that the printer is working, it is an amazing printer. It is touchy to set up properly but I was warned of that by BeeVeryCreative. Now that it is all tuned in is does a fantastic job and was well worth the hassle.

I did have to flash it with their update because the bed leveling lever would crash into the bed, not always retract properly and gave me grief. But after the update it works sweet, no doubt the best bed leveler I have seen.

Costumer service was very good, great I can say. Anyone that will put up with me when something goes wrong is top notch, and their rep ignored my insults and gave me everything I needed in as timely a manner as distance allowed, thank you Carla for putting up with and old spoiled brat in a totally professional manner.

I'm sure I will still do some fine tuning, I'm sure I will push it to and perhaps past it limits, but I can honestly say this is one heck of a sweet printer.

Wayne C. Kinne II
Michigan, USA

Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 16:02
by wayne.kinne
This printer has failed again. It appears the same board as before has failed again. The long time it takes to get answers, get parts, and being without a printer I paid over $700 for makes buying this printer a bad decision. I could have purchased 3 printers for the same money.

At this point I would be happiest with a full refund.

I can not recommend this printer to anyone. It appears even the driver boards that are repeatedly failing are propitiatory, so this printer will become a boat anchor when the manufacture decides to discontinue sell replacement parts. I wish I had never heard of BeeVeryCreative, the youtuber that called this a great printer should be banned for lies.

Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 26 Jul 2019, 17:47
by Kevin123
Have you asked BeeVeryCreative for a new printer. Ask them to send you a new working unit or a refurbished updated unit.
The reason why I mention this is. If you look at the companies Facebook page, there is a owner Tyler Lucas. He was having the very same issues as you. I am concerned that they have a problem with the Motherboard/hardware.
I have asked questions about my pending order and have not received any response. I am actually cancelling my order due to "customer support" and working solutions to get machines up and running.


Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 05 Aug 2019, 14:23
by DomingosRodrigues
Hello Wayne,

sorry for the delayed answer, I was away for a few weeks, what problem did you have now? Did the board stop working or are you mentioning the stepper drivers? You can buy plug and play replacements for the TMC2130 from other companies, like Waterrot, Fysetc, etc. our version has some optimizations on the PCB to avoid the thermal and electrical problems.

Other options are being tested as well, we are very sorry for the problems you are having but be sure we are trying to fix them as fast as possible and we are following your case on I have confirmed and the new board with the highly tested Trinamic chips should be arriving at your door any day now.

Best regards

Re: B2X300 the printer from hell - SOLVED ( I hope )

Posted: 12 Aug 2019, 15:45
by wayne.kinne
As of today the printer is working. Support was very friendly, dealing with the delays created by being on the opposite side of the planet made for many delays, but we did work through it.

I almost hate to give a thumbs up since I have only printed two parts with it so far, but they were 36 hour prints each and finished without any problems.

I does do a fine job, and it will print large parts, I have yet to try a two color print but that will be coming soon.

They ended up sending me a whole new control board at no cost to me and that seems to have fixed it.


Re: B2X300 the printer from hell

Posted: 05 May 2020, 13:09
by icelander360
Wayne, is the printer still working for you? I am looking at the printer, but cannot find much regards to long term usage results.