Spring steel sheet and magnets to the heated bed

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Spring steel sheet and magnets to the heated bed

Post by ilindov » 17 Apr 2019, 07:22


I'm planning of removing the glass from the heated bed and replacing it with spring steel sheet on top. I'm also about to mount magnets at the bottom side, so they could hold the top sheet. My question is: Do you think that the steel sheet, or the magnets, can have some negative impact on the heated bed, or other parts of the B2X300, making their quality to deteriorate over time, or make them function in a non optimal way?

Thank you!

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Re: Spring steel sheet and magnets to the heated bed

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 17 Apr 2019, 14:33

Hello ilindov,

The glass on the printer provides a very flat surface in which to print resulting in less problems with adhesion and a better printquality even when using a autocalibration probe, as it reduces the amount of compensation the printer need to do while printing ensuring a very good Z layer consistency.

That said you can use a magnetic plate but be aware that magnets, even the ones specific for high temperatures, do not like hot temperatures and will lose their magnetic strength over time causing the steel plate to slide around ruining the prints, this is specially important if you use bed temperatures above 60ºC.

Also the printers frame is magnetic, including the steel plate on the extruder, that can cause some unexpected results, like pulling the nozzles closer to the bed when printing the first layers.

Best regards.

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