Upgrading to Bondtech BMG Clones

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Upgrading to Bondtech BMG Clones

Post by tjlqk3 » 16 Apr 2019, 20:08

I am awaiting my BT clones to arrive and will upgrade this printer with them. I was wondering if there is a way to switch the motors direction in the menu(looked but only found steps/mm) or is it safe to take the pins out of the connectors and reverse them?

Currently the printer has only ~20 hours of printing and have turned out some awesome quality but the extruder was starting to skip on fast infill and is now not working but dealing with customer service/tech support has been A+ so far.

One more question, I only print with one color. Is there an easy way to remove the second one? It just hits the print and I honestly have no use for two!

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Re: Upgrading to Bondtech BMG Clones

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 17 Apr 2019, 17:11

Hello tjlqk3,

for now there isn't that option on the menus, you can easily revert the motor plugs, you just need to cut out the keys in the plugs. That way it will reverse the extruder direction.

You should be able to remove the heater block, nozzle, and heatbreak after untightening a small grub screw bellow the 40mm fan on the extruder, then it's just a matter of removing all the cabling from the second extruder and the motor and it should work, the only drawback being the self-test wizard that will always report an error as the machine was designed to be a dual extruder printer, but if the printer is working you should not need to run it again. If it does request to run the wizard, usually on firmware upgrades that change the memory structure, you can connect the printer through USB, and before the self test begins (when it is showing the BVC logo and Marlin logo) send the command "M721", that will disable the self test wizard, then you need to run the folowing instruction on the LCD in this orded:
- "Machine settings" > "Reset settings" > "Confirm"
- "Mainenance" >"Set nozzle height"
- "Machine settings" > "Motion" > "Trinamic settings" > "Sensorless homing" > "Auto adjust"

This will configure the necessary settings leaving while not executing the tests.

Just a heads up the bondtech clone works pretty well with this bowden setup, but you may still end up with step loss on the extruder as this printer uses pressure compensation to allow quality printing with a bowden, this can cause step loss on the extruder when reverting directions as the filament offers too much resistance to changing direction, those lost steps should only slightly reduce the printing quality (small excesses of plastic) while still extruding. If you extruder has stopped extruding completely you should first try cleaning it with a cold pull "Maintenance" > "Cold pull" (this is only available on firmware versions after Release B2X300-20190313"

Best regards

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