Self-test wizard halts in Heated bed test

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Self-test wizard halts in Heated bed test

Post by Think3D » 15 Dec 2018, 03:47

Finished assembling my B2X300 demo printer last Monday.
On first power up it started the self-test and is getting stuck in the heated bed test and process halts.
As far as i can see, both cable and connector are ok, but thermistor is reading -3 to -8 degrees and there is no power in the heated bed power cables during the test.
I've managed to "bypass" heated bed test and all remaining tests appear to be ok.
Any ideas to what can be causing this?
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Re: Self-test wizard halts in Heated bed test

Post by DomingosRodrigues » 15 Dec 2018, 13:29

Hello Think3D,

First of all, congratulation on aquiring the B2X300 :D

The photo you attached cannot be seen. But from your description the problem your having is due to the bed thermistor being unable to be read, probably something is wrong with either your hotbed, a defective thermistor or cable, or your motherboard, please contact and describe your problems and they will find you a sollution.

In the meantime try plugging in one of the hotend thermistor to the bed thermistor connector, and see if the value read changes, if so most likely your bed/cable has some kind of defect, foward this information to customer service as it will help diagnose the problem.

As for bypassing the tests, it can be done but will end up causing other problems as the prepared gcodes and profiles all use the bed and it will cause the thermal runaway protection to kick in as the bed never heats up.
If you still want to try it, to disable the Wizard you need to conect the printer via USB to any serial terminal (cura, simplify, repetier host, etc etc...) and send the "M721" code, then reset the machine, this way the printer won't run the Wizard on boot, but you can run it anytime going to "Machine settings" > "Self-test wizard".

Best regards

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