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B2X300 Recommended Printing Profiles

Posted: 28 Aug 2018, 15:15
by tiagofgs
We've made available on GitHub a few Cura printing profiles to help get you started with your B2X300.
These profiles will be regularly updated so keep an eye out on our GitHub repository: ... g_Profiles

Along with the profiles, there is a Cura project file to help you quickly setup Cura to work with your B2X300.

These printing profiles have been developed to give consistent and high quality prints using BEEVERYCREATIVE's filament (which you can get here: If you're using other brands, you might need to adjust some settings but the provided profiles should be a good starting point.

We invite you to share any modifications you make to the provided profiles by submitting a pull request to the GitHub repository or by opening a new thread on the forum. Also, feel free to comment below if you need help setting up Cura or find any issue with the profiles.


Re: B2X300 Recommended Printing Profiles

Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 12:45
by tiagofgs

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