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[SOLVED] How to import from Corel Draw

Posted: 26 Nov 2015, 11:55
by RobG
Does anyone know if it is possible to import a 3d image into the Bee software for the printer to use? We have tried without success.....has anyone got a fix?

Rob :roll:

Re: Import from Corel Draw

Posted: 01 Dec 2015, 18:09
by Andre_A
Hi :)
The BEESOFT only works with stl or gcode files but in the case of gcode files you can only print them.
Did you try import the file in to CURA? if it works, You can export to gcode file and use BEESOFT to print the object.

Re: Import from Corel Draw

Posted: 01 Dec 2015, 23:06
by Think3D
It really depends on what Corel program you are using.
If your Corel suite has the capability to export real 3D designs into other formats, then yes, you possibly can export your 3D drawings directly to printable .STL format.
If your Corel Draw is the common 2D drawing program with "3D effects" for text and objects, then no, nor directly anyway as that is not a real 3D program but instead a simple 2D image drawing program with visual effects to make it look like 3D. If that's the case you can try save the file as something like .SVG and use it in some modelling program to build the 3D Object and only then export it to .STL printable format.
This is the workaround commonly used by those who work with Illustrator, enabling people to print vector logos for instance.

Corel has a page dedicated to 3D you can check it:

Re: Import from Corel Draw

Posted: 10 Mar 2016, 20:47
by artur
Quick tip, that I use extensively with my pupills:

- Export your drawing as SVG from any vector drawing app (or create it in inkscape, FOSS and has SVG as its native format);
- Create a Tinkercad account. Import your SVG into a Tinkercad project. Upon importing, you can decide how many millimeters you want for the extrusion, and you can allways resize it later. Essentially, Tinkercad will generate a 3D shape from a vector path saved in SVG. Works great for planar forms, and you can combine several SVGs with different volumes into a complex 3D shape. Here's a step by step tutorial (in portuguese): ... E2b3c/view
- Blender does a similar trick, generating 3D shapes from SVG files, but Tinkercad is way easier to use.

Re: Import from Corel Draw

Posted: 26 Jun 2016, 17:55
by Andre_A
I closed this topic and i changed it to "solved".
Some times we wait to see if the tips worked and fix the problem, or to see if there are any more interaction, but RobG, feel free to open a new TOPIC if is needed.
Thanks everyone for the tips ;)