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Post by Jaipedro » 01 Oct 2016, 19:46

I think I have the best 3D PRINTER in the European market.
I live in Brasil and a friend brough to me one HELLO BEE PRUSA.
I take some information in the net in another forum because I think ... I think ... sorry... your forum is a sample forum without the primary information.

1º - Whey don´t you writeen in Portuguese?!?! ok... I don´t read and I don´t write very well in that language... ok.. I know.
2º - The very important things, when I buy a 3D PRINTER, is what I can make with it... filament... temperature... density... and some more.

Please make topics who help us...

Best regards

Jai Pedro

P.S. - Sorry my bad English
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Geoffrey Borny
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Re: Sugestão

Post by Geoffrey Borny » 01 Oct 2016, 20:30

There is a complete forum for the hellobeeprusa, you can find it here:


Re: Suggestion

Post by Filipe » 02 Oct 2016, 12:09

Hello jaipedro,

Welcome to the Forum.

As Geoffrey Borny pointed out, there is a specific section in the forum for 3Dprinters, and one just for the helloBEEprusa

The forum is based on phpBB, so many will look just the same. But it's the information in there that counts.

But to answer your questions:

1 - Well, the market being global, the primary language used is English. But suggestion noted.

2 - Don't really understand the question. Look at the link: helloBEEprusa Forum
You can find all sorts of information there. And, as you said, since it is a Prusa, you can change plenty of variables at your discretion. If you have any questions, search the forum or just post a topic in the appropriate Forum and the community can help you.

Best regards

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