How to build a 3D Printer from pi?

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How to build a 3D Printer from pi?

Post by spadekevin » 19 Jun 2018, 06:59


just bought a rasberry pi board. a couple questions, is there any ongoing open source project for making a 3d printer?i had amassed several old junk printers to use along with misc hardware, wire etc; then had to move and tossed it all out. (couldnt give it away)now im starting from the controller board and would like to make a 3d printer; also, for making circuit boards that fit into the pi itself, or a pi connector, is there a circuit board layout 'model' or template? so if i want to make a circuit i could just add that onto some pre defined board and it would either fit on the pi (newest one with 1g) or easily connect?and how to connect boards, is there i2c or is there a usb kind of software stack?

Please help.

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Re: How to build a 3D Printer from pi?

Post by ratatui » 21 Aug 2018, 18:55

Any 3d printer can be connected to the raspberry pi with special software, this is an improvement, as the 3d printer has to have a ramps board for example, but it will never work alone with the raspberry pi, if that is your question.
The software that comes with the raspberry pi and is open source is octoprint. Machines like the Tresdpro R1 already incorporate it.

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